Getting Ready

“Oooo….guess what!” said CB. “What?” replied BP. “We are going on the LOVE BOAT!!!!” “Really and truly? You are not kidding me, are you?” asked BP. “No! Missy and Stu are planning to take us on their anniversary trip this year!” exclaimed CB. “WOW!! The Love Boat….oh my! I can’t wait to see Julie and Isaac and Gopher and Doc and Captain Stubing and…..” said BP. “ How exciting!” “Um…BP?” said CB “Those people are characters on the TV show. They won’t actually be on our ship.” “Oh,” sighed BP. “Then why are we going?” “Hehehe…because…it’s….the….LOVE BOAT!!!!” said CB. “Yeah!” exclaimed BP. “Okay, I’m going to go and get my stuff packed!” “Me, too!” said CB.

Both girls ran off and started collecting their clothes and the things they wanted to take with them on the trip.

“Girls,” called Missy, “would you like to go with me to the travel agent’s office?” “Yes!” said both girls. Soon everyone was piled into the car and off to Avant Travel, where the girls were to meet Barbara, their travel agent. Barbara was helping Missy and Stu plan their trip. She was excited to meet the girls. While Barbara and Missy discussed which hotel would be the best for the trip, BP and CB had fun looking at some of the travel brochures that were available. With the trip planned, the girls and Missy left the travel agency.

“The next step is to get our passports,” said Missy. The girls and Missy went to Stu’s office where Missy and Stu had their pictures taken by Dan. Since the girls had photos that could be used on their passports, it was not necessary for them to have new photos taken.

Missy made appointments with the Post Office to submit the passport applications for Stu and herself. BP and CB filled out the paperwork to submit their applications to the BearHaven passport office.